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This is a list of updates H1-Mod has, and the changes through the updates. New updates will be prompted via a popup in the main menu when you open H1-Mod.



  • Added Wine (and Proton) compatibility
  • Added custom zone loading
  • Added usermap/mod downloading
    • Added popup prompt to accept/deny downloading 3rd-party content
  • Added GSC support
    • Reimplement GSC functions (print, println, assert, assertex, logprint)
    • Added custom GSC functions/methods (check our custom functions section)
  • Added bouncing to Singleplayer
  • Added "Unlock All" button in Singleplayer
  • Added Team Balance from MW3
  • Added client language localizations

Minor changes

  • Game log logging is now built into the client
  • Branding changes
  • Added new universal font
    • Offers more character/glyph coverage (image)
    • Replaces built-in fallback fonts (used in CJK, Polish, and Russian) with increased text sizes and tabular figures (image)
  • Game localization changes
  • UI changes
    • In-game menu blur changes
      • Singleplayer: Less background blur
      • Multiplayer: Blur completely removed
    • Scoreboard compatibility patches