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How to install H1-Mod

Installing base game files


Torrenting copyright protected files might not be legal in your country even if you already own a valid license! We (The H1-Mod Staff and Members) are not responsible for any legal issues, and we highly recommend you to use a fresh install from Steam or the usage of a VPN.

  1. Download/Open your torrent client, we recommend using the qBittorrent Windows Client

  2. Download and open the torrent file h1_full_files.torrent

  3. Once it is open, there will be a dialogue box, where you will be able to specify the saving location. We highly recommend making a separate "Games" folder in order to do this (for example C:\Games)

"I already have the Steam version" / "I don't have the DLC"

If you already have the Steam version, you may install the DLCs using our DLC torrent.

  1. Download the DLC torrent h1_dlc.torrent

  2. Extract and place all the DLC files in the root directory of your game. If the dialogue box asks you to merge folders, click "yes to all or Replace file in destination"

Installing the H1-Mod client

  1. Download the latest release from H1-Mod's Github

  1. Move the newly downloaded exe into the root of the game directory (see image below for final result)
  1. Make sure to get in-game and (PRESS YES TO THE UPDATER) to download all important files for the client.

  2. After this, you may open H1-Mod.exe and play.