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How to make a Dedicated Server

Getting Started

A step-by-step guide on setting up a Dedicated Server for H1-Mod. At the current point in time, the dedicated server can be run on Windows only. (Dedicated Server CPU compatibility is undergoing upgrades, as some older Xeon processors have issues with the MWR binary)


  • The server requires a static ip address.
  • The server requires port forwarding. A tutorial can be found here.
  • The server requires some redists which can be easily installed via this Redist Installer


  1. Download and install h1_dedicated_server_full.torrent.
  2. Download and install the latest H1-Mod release from here.
  3. Drop the latest H1-Mod release in your h1_dedicated_server_full directory.
  4. Download the H1-Mod dedicated server config directly from here.
  5. Extract the H1-Mod Server Config to your h1_dedicated_server_full directory.
  6. Modify your server config file through the main/server.cfg.
  7. Run server.bat and Enjoy!