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Downloading from Steam

If you own the game on Steam, you can download the language pack needed for the game.

  1. Right click on the MWR game
  2. Select Properties...
  3. Go to the Choose Language tab, and select the language you wish to use from the drop-down menu.

Downloading from MEGA

You can also download your language pack from our files on MEGA.


There are 3 download options available. You can download the Full '<language>' folder, <language> but without soundfiles, or <language> but only DLC maps. We recommend downloading the full language folder to get the original and best experience without any issues.

To download:

  1. Right click on the folder you choose
  2. Go to the Download tab, and click Download as ZIP.



If you have downloaded the game from Steam, you might not have the zone folder present in your files. We highly recommend you to use MWR Files Cleaner to get better directory structures that are easier to work with.

  1. Navigate to your MWR game folder and find your zone directory. Once there, create a new folder with the language name you are using.

    • French: french
    • German: german
    • Italian: italian
    • Japanese: japanese_partial
    • Korean: korean
    • Polish: polish
    • Portuguese: portuguese
    • Russian: russian
    • Simplified Chinese: simplified_chinese
    • Spanish: spanish
    • Traditional Chinese: traditional_chinese
  2. Once new folder is created, open the folder and extract the content of the .zip file you have downloaded.

Once done, verify your language folder looks similar to this.


  1. Once you are in-game, open the Options menu, and then you should see a Choose Language button. This will redirect you to a menu that will switch your language.
  1. Select your desired language.
    • If your language button is missing, then the language isn't installed correctly.